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canned tomatoes

I was getting loads of tomatoes from the garden this summer. I couldn't eat them fast enough, so I canned a few.

Awaiting their fate. I used pint jars, so all instructions are for pints.

Wash your tomatoes, about 2 large tomatoes per pint jar. Let your jars and lids sit in heated water on the stove... don't let the water boil.

Plunge the tomatoes into boiling water for 60 seconds til they split. Pull them out and stick them in cold water.

Peel the skins off of the tomatoes... very satisfying. Cut out the core and quarter them.

Stick the quartered tomatoes back in the boiling water and cook them for seven minutes. Then fill the jars with the tomatoes, a table spoon of lemonjuice and a half teaspoon of salt, a half inch form the top, sealing each one with the lids and rings. Stick the full jars into boiling water (covered with 1 inch of water) with the lid on for forty minutes.

Take the jars off and let them cool. Wait to hear eachone pop, make sure the lids are sucked down, then remove the rings.

Were gonna have some good spaghetti sauce this winter.