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handmade paper shade II

I needed another paper shade to block out the view of the neighbors on the other side of me, but I wanted something different. Back to the craft store I go.

I came home with rice paper with an Asian calligraphy design in green and brown. I liked the brown since my living room (where the shade would hang) was brown. I also got some dowel rods.

This time I just doused the ends of the paper in glue and wrapped them around the dowel rods. After it dried, I glued the next sheet of paper to the dowel rod.

Here it is stretched out and drying. At the top I glued a long piece of sting in with the dowel rod, letting the ends hang out the ends of the rod.

I looped and tied the string on the ends and hung the shade from the curtain rod holders. The way the calligraphy matched up was a happy accident! I wonder what the words say? I like to think they say "No peeking in Jenny's house!"