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shell frame

When I was at the beach I gathered shells like mad. When I got home, I thought... "What the heck am I going to do with all these?" This was one of my ideas.

I washed off all my shells and let them sit in the sun.

For supplies I got white glue, a cheap frame from the dollar store and some sand I scooped up at the beach.

First I took out the glass and backing from the frame.

In a disposable cup I mixed white glue with sand. It made a sort of puddingy mixture.

The more glue you add the smoother the sand will be.

Then I glopped the sand/glue mixture onto the frame and spread it around with a plastic spoon.

After I had all the sand on, I pressed shells into it.

The frames dried overnight... this one is ours.

I made this one for Chuck and Tina.

This one was for my parents.