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tree skirt and mantle cover

This was the first Christmas in my new house. That meant my first real Christmas tree and a real fireplace. I decided to make a matching tree skirt and mantle cover for the holidays.

I decided to use felt, because I wouldn't have to hem it. Let's face it, the holidays are a busy time of year, I need all the extra time I can get.

I cut out simple shapes for the Christmas trees and arranged them just so.

A simple stitch around the edges held down the trees.

I sewed on beads for Christmas tree bulbs.

Little white stars stitched at the top of each tree.

Wrap it around the base of the tree, add a plate for Santa's cookies and voila. Oh and I also need to sew on buttons and make button holes, but I have a year to do that.

More felt for the mantle cover. Just measured my mantle and cut out a rectangular piece to fit it.

I did a simple stitch around the edges of the felt with embroidery thread. You know, to spice things up a bit.

Errrr... yeah. So I didn't get the trees on the mantle cover done. Rest assured it will be done by the time Christmas rolls around next year!.