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harvest 2004

The veggies have been growing nicely.

Weird curly cucumbers.

Shiny purple eggplant.

Waiting for tomatoes to turn red.

Funny round carrots.

The cucumbers were really long.

I am so pleased with my eggplants.

A shot of the entire harvest.

I have been getting a lot of cucumbers.

And a lot of tomatoes.

I noticed that I was missing some cherry tomatoes... and carrots. The culprit caught in action.

At the scene of the crime.

Oscar had been plucking cherry tomatoes off the vine... and actually pulling carrots out of the ground and feasting on them.

A dinner right out of the garden. Tomatoes (with brown sugar sprinkled on top...mmm) breaded eggplant (with marinara sauce and parmasean cheese) and glazed honey carrots.