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garden 2005

Last year we discovered that Oscar was helping himself to tomatoes and carrots in the garden. To fix this I asked Aaron to make me a raised garden.

This is what he made. He did a great job. I wish I was home when he built it so I had pictures. It is made of cedar boards.

Here it is filled with dirt and my new bamboo trellis thingy.

Here is the reason we had to do this .

We planted peas, zuchinni and cucumbers around the trellis.

And around the edges we planted tomatoes, snacky jack pumpkins, lettuce, carrots, onions and eggplant.

We also planted some strawberries.

The garden is growing nicely.

Peas on the left, eggplant upfront and cucumbers on the right.

Lettuce, onions and carrots.


Zucchini and Snacky Jack Pumpkins.

All sorts of tomatoes.

The garden is getting huge!

Zucchini growing.

Baby eggplants are so cute.

Our strawberry plants look nice, but the strawberries are tiny. Very disapointing.