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nursery mural

This isn't a room in my house, but I thought it fit in the "house" category. Some friends of mine expecting a little girl wanted a mural in the nursery. They had a pretty good idea what they wanted and what colors.

Since the nursery theme was to be moon and stars, they wanted a little girl, looking in a telescope at a falling star.

After several weeks of going over to their house to paint I got to know their three cats and chocolate lab. I decided to add them to the mural.

The falling star has glitter over it, although you can't see it here. It's supposed to be star dust.

I painted light pink, yellow, green and white stars all around the top of the room. These are the colors the curtains and bedding are going to be.

I think they were happy with the mural. I told them, they are never allowed to move out of that house.