Oscar: a dog for all seasons

Oscar is a pug. What more can I say? He is a whole lot of dog packed into a little dog body. He can be snuggly and sleep on your lap, but still run with the big dogs. All his friends are big dogs. Grizzy the black lab, Ripley the chocolate lab, Molly the golden and Murphy the black lab.

He was actually a gift for Aaron's birthday. He was born the same day as Chuck and came home on Tina's birthday. They are his godparents and he is named after them. Oscar de la Clarka.

Oscar loves to go to the vet, flirts with the receptionists "Hello ladies!", struts for the cockapoos next door and barks furiously at anyone that walks too close to the house.

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Stewie: why stand up, when you can lay down?

We rescued Stewie from a local animal shelter. He started pawing at us through the glass when we walked up to him and we were toast.

He is not what I thought was a typical cat. He comes when you call him, never hides, greets us at the door.

Oscar and Stewie are buddies, they share a water bowl and like to snuggle.

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Here are more pictures of Stewie.

Gone but not forgotten

This is Max. He was a weimaraner my family had when I was little. He was the best. I used to hang all over him, drag him around the yard and he quietly went along with it.

I will always have a soft spot for wiemaraners. Everyday I visit Oliver Daily to look at the updated pictures of the weimaraners, Oliver and Hugo that live in France.

Snowball was my first bunny. She was albino, with pink eyes. I got her for Easter when I was a kid and I love this picture of her with that years Easter eggs.

I used to carry her around the yard. She was a bit feisty.

We got Chuck after Max passed away. Chuck was a German Shorthaired Pointer. My family seems to like the German dogs.

He was a nut. Ran around like crazy. Good at catching frisbees.

This is Bunny. He was a Mini Lop. Aaron got me Bunny when I was in Grad school and I loved him a lot. He used to lay in front of the TV in a turkey roasting pan. He also liked to jump on Louie's bird cage.

He had a whole lot of personality and also got carried around the house like a baby. He always let me know when he had enough and would jump down. He passed suddenly and I don't think I have ever gotten over it.

Petunia was my first hamster. I think she was a Syrian hamster, nicknamed "black bear". She looked like a little black bear. She was so sweet. A real cutie.

She used to stuff her cheeks with seeds til I thought she would fall over. One night in my apartment, she broke out of her cage and made a run for it. I never found her. I imagine she took off for Vegas.

These were my goldfish, Fish and Chips. I had them for about three years which is quite a feat for goldfish under my care.

They died rather mysteriously... each one during a different visit from my family. Hmmmm.

Louie lived to a ripe old age, 12 years. He was a bit crotchety in his later years.

I got him when I still lived at home and in my first year of college. He went with me to graduate school, back home for two summers, into my apartment and now my house.

He liked to chirp like mad when it was getting to the really good part of the movie you were watching.



Torty: quicker than you think

After Bunny died, I wanted a pet that would be around for awhile. Boris T. Tortoise, Torty for short was a Russian Tortoise. He was supposed to live for 100 years but he got sick and passed away early.

He didn't get any bigger than my hand. He slept a lot in the winter and come spring wanted to eat a lot. He would devour a large pile of lettuce and veggies pretty quick.

He wasn't that slow. When I took him outside I had to keep an eye on him or he would take off and hide under leaves.

Ernie: nuthin' but fluff

Aaron got me Ernie for Christmas two years ago. He was an English Angora rabbit. I have to say was the the most laid back, easy going bunny. I could carry him around or roll him over on his back.

He had a toy called "bouncey bunny" that you put treats inside and then he kicked the poo out of it to get the treats out.

Ernie lived inside, he was a house bunny. He lived in his hutch when I was gone, and when I was home he came out. He was litter trained and went back to his hutch when he had to go.

I got a lot of questions about Angora rabbits. Yes you can make sweaters out of them. You save the wool you get when you brush them and spin it into yarn.

I think he would have made a nice sweater.

Oscar and Ernie got along fine. Ernie was way bigger than Oscar when the pup came to live with me, so Oscar didn't think he was the boss of the bunny.

Still, I never left them together unattended. Mostly they could be found laying under the dining room table together. And when I called "Treat!" they both came running.

People also asked questions about getting an Angora rabbit. Although he had one of the best personalities I had seen in a rabbit, he was a LOT of work. He needed constant grooming. He got brushed a lot. The wool has a tendency to matt and then you have to cut them out.

I tried to trim him down in the summer so he didn't overheat. You also have to be sure they elevated from their poo or it sticks to their wool and then you have a horrid mess. I would not recommend getting one unless you have a lot of time and energy to devote to it.

There's lots more bunny information at the House Rabbit Society.

Ernie passed away at a typical bunny age, comfortably at home.







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